TPG Update

Dear valued followers and clients of Tech Power Gaming,

As you know from our former post, Tech Power Gaming has undergone a change of ownership. Our hats go off to the former management and the great community that they have built. We will continue their legacy with personally curated products and solutions for old and new clients alike.


Our focus is still to provide you with the best one-stop Gaming & Technology experience. We acknowledge that some of our gamers are part of the working class. With that in mind we’d also like to emphasize our ability to provide not just gaming parts, but anything that a modern professional might need to navigate the corporate landscape.

Our aim is to become the go-to technology retailer for all of your electronic and digital needs. In the coming weeks you will see some minor changes on the website and hopefully a lot of new products and promotions.

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As part of our commitment to the community you can look forward to bi-weekly tech articles and “Nerd Culture” event write-ups.

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We wish you all a happy Heritage Day and enjoy the long weekend!

Yours in Tech,

The TPG Team

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